Midsummer Night’s Dream (Autumn 2010)

Autumnal darkness gave way to light as the spark of true talent lit up the Dundalk Grammar School stage in their recent musical production of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  Fantasy collided with the humdrum reality of thwarted love as the energy and passion of sixty young actors, singers, dancers and musicians burned bright to bring this weird and wonderful tale to a new audience of old friends.

The Band

The Band

The show pitched ethereal beauty against true grit with Louise Byrne and Simon McKeever beguiling as the spellbound lovers and Sorcha Walsh and Andrew McGahon  convincingly venemous as the bitter  rivals to love’s young dream.  Through the forest did they go, spurred on by a roguish Ferdia Hoare as Puck and a scheming David Deloughrey as the jealous Oberon to his teasing Titania, Tara Glaysher, who gracefully led a full-throttle chorus of vampish fairies to a bewitched ever after.

All were cheered on by a spirited troupe of wandering actors led by a captivating Andrew Linehan, who stole the show with his spry antics and quick wit.  True to form, the maestro, sixth year student Adam Byrne, and faithful violinist, past pupil, Oisin Drumm brought us The Band,  who sent shivers down the spine with a rich and eclectic soundscape that made sure this was a production with soul.

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